Childcare Cleaning Services Perth & Adelaide

Childcare Cleaning Services Perth & Adelaide

If you run or own a Childcare Centre in Perth or Adelaide, and you are looking for contract cleaners that understand the unique requirements of the childcare industry, Smart Cleaning Solutions can help.

Childcare Cleaning Adelaide and Perth

We are highly experienced in childcare cleaning, we clean over 150 childcare centers nationally every week. We offer free site assessments and quotes,

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ISO 9001 Certified Reliability
We take quality and reliability of cleaning seriously, which is why our cleaning systems are ISO 9001 certified. But what does that actually mean? It means our management systems are independently audited to conform to world's best practice, which means you get a reliable, trouble free cleaning solution.

Better Customer Service & Quality Management Systems
Our customer service is something our customers rave about and if you browse our site you will see numerous examples of this in testimonials on our site, there is even an industry specific example on this page. One great feature of our customer service is that a dedicated QA officer visits and inspects your sites every week, to check on things and this same rep will also perform a full audit of your centre against your written cleaning schedule, every month, so if any issues arise, we usually pick them up  before they become an issue for you. You also have a dedicated account manager you can call at any time who will respond to any issues you report within 4 hours.

Great References
Read what our clients have to say about our contract cleaning services.  We have a great track record of satisfied customers. We truly believe that we offer the best value contract cleaning services anywhere.

You will have a dedicated site supervisor, available to you anytime you need to communicate specific feedback or request emergency or additional services.

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The G8 group is a national childcare services organisation that operates in most states of Australia with over 400+ childcare centres nationally under its banner. Our initial interest in cleaning services was for some sites in South Australia… Since then, Smart Cleaning Solutions has expanded their services with the group to clean around 50+ centre’s in Victoria and South Australia and we are currently looking to further expand that into New South Wales and Queensland. We have noticed a significant increase in the standard of our centres and regularly receive positive feedback from our staff and customers about the standard of cleaning and attention to detail. …The regular inspection visits to each site performed weekly by a dedicated account manager for the group is something that sets Smart Clean apart, and helps us achieve high and consistent standards of hygiene across all sites. We could not recommend them higher.

Robert Stevens
Operations Manager

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Our Cleaning systems have ISO 9001 Certification